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Chinese Cupping


What is Chinese Cupping

Cupping has been used for over 2 thousand years in China. Cupping therapy is now used all over the world.

It is used as a Therapy in the Fettle Clinic to improve circulation and reduce inflammation in soft tissue. Cupping uses the vacuum pull inside the cup, either by using a naked flame or a  suction pump to create the pull on skin and blood local to its use. At Fettle we use suction cups for ease of use and safety.

Cupping creates a local pull on tissue pulling blood and fluid to under the surface of the skin.This action and the stretching of tissue allows greater blood flow to the underlying tissue and therefore promotes better blood flow which in turn reduces pain and promotes healing.

The blood being pulled to the surface will vary in colour depending on how long and congested the underlying tissue has been. It is also useful therefore to see the colour that comes to the skin surface, as it gives more information about the health of the underlying muscle. The ring marks on the skin are not caused by trauma but by the pulling action. They are nothing to worry about and are not sore.

Cupping can pinch, but for most people after 3 minutes is quite comfortable and then very relaxing.

Cupping has been widely used by practitioners trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has come to a wider public knowledge and appreciation when seen to be used by Olympic swimmers in Rio 2016, including Michael Phelps. In this case it was an effective treatment to the swimmers because the treatment gave tissue release without trauma so the swimmers were fit and able to perform - and win gold medals!

At the Fettle Clinic cupping can be used as a stand alone treatment, but more commonly with other treatment modalities; i.e. Massage, Infra Red and Acupuncture. 

Andrew has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine which included the art of cupping.

Please call and book to enjoy the wonderful benefits of cupping therapy