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Core Board Classes

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About Core Board Classes

The fitness classes that challenge your mind, body and core! The class has been developed and is lead by Caspar Budden who is a fully qualified personal trainer, pilates instructor and massage therapist. 

Core Board Classes offers 3 different classes that are all unique in their own way but share the common goal of strengthening your core. 

Performing every exercise and movement with correct form is paramount! This means that everyone works to their own maximum capacity while doing each exercise perfectly. Everyone is welcome to and will benefit from any of my classes. When you are deciding which class you wish to attend, think about what type of exercise you have enjoyed previously and what you are hoping to achieve. 

Both the Core Board Fitness Class and Core Board pilates class utilise the Indo Board. This is a balance board (also called a wobble board). For you to be in control of the board, it requires your core and stabilising muscles to constantly be working.  

Core Board Fitness Class: This class is for someone looking to improve both their strength and cardio vascular fitness. This class adopts a HIIT format and really gets the heart pumping! 

Core Board Pilates: A fusion of pilates and balance training. This class involves slow, controlled movements on and off the Indo Board. The class is split into four sections: warm up, upper body, lower body, core and stretching. The purpose of this class is to strengthen the entire body with a focus on improving posture and core strength. 

Core Pilates: Have you e? Then Core Pilates is perfect for you. This class will improve your posture and core strength while keeping your back safe! I adopt the traditional fundaments of pilates and design the exercises and format of the classes to always focus on your core and improving your posture. 

To sign up to any of my classes or to discuss which class is best for you, call me!


When Are the Classes?

Every Friday at 8:30am - 9:30am

Booking is required for all classes

Where Are the Classes?

This unique class is held in the unique venue DRIFT cafe. With stunning views from every window and inside an up cycled shipping container, this really is a special place to exercise.

The address is:

Canty Bay

North Berwick

As you drive out of North Berwick passed Tesco 


£9 per class when you sign up to a block of 10 (paid for via weekly invoice)

£12 to drop in

Please note booking is required for all classes

What To Bring and Wear

What to bring:

  • All equipment is provided but you are welcome to use your own yoga/pilates mat if you wish
  • Water! 

What to wear: 

  • Loose fitting or comfortable clothing is best. Most importantly no clothing that restricts your range of movement. 
  • Please take shoes off before you come into the Barefoot Sanctuary. 

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Call Caspar on - 07735 957 495

North Berwick, North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom