S.W.A.T Massage


Deep soft tissue mobilisation

  • Stone - A smooth, white Jade Stone with rounded ends for deeper soft tissue release.
  • Wave - The Jade Stone is shaped like a wave to smoothly contour to your body.
  • Assisted - The massage is assisted by Infrared heat and the warm Jade Wavestone.
  • Thermal - The Wavestone is heated in a thermal bath, allowing heat to be transferred to your body, soothing your muscles and soft tissue.

What is S.W.A.T Massage?


The S.W.A.T Massage experience has been developed at the Fettle clinic to create a deeply soothing remedial massage. If you want to relieve your muscular tension, aches and pains, this is the perfect massage for you.

Your massage therapist, Caspar, will take your details and a brief medical history. Based on this information, and your needs, he will then create your personalised Swat massage treatment plan.

The massage treatment starts with your body being bathed in Infrared heat to raise the body temperature and gently soothe your muscles and connective tissue.

To give your muscles a general release and to increase blood flow, Caspar will begin the massage by using a G5 (a percussive hand-held massager). 

Now you are ready for the warmth of the Jade Wave Stone to be massaged into your aching muscles.


Your S.W.A.T massage will last an hour. This allows time for a full body massage as well as focusing on releasing particularly tight areas if needed.

SWAT massages can be a fantastic one off treatment. However, regular S.W.A.T massages will allow deeper, and even more profound, longer lasting relief.

A course of 5 to 10 massages is recommended to achieve this, with your progress reviewed as we go.

The Wavestone


What is the Wavestone?

The Wavestone is made out of White Jade. This stone's unique properties are it's incredible smoothness and ability to conduct Infrared heat.

The Wavestone is shaped specifically to allow for a deeper massage. One end is designed for deep tissue release and the other, more pointed end, is for trigger points. The inside of the stone is contoured to fit the shape of your body and is used for a more soothing massage. All of the stone's functions will be used during your S.W.A.T Massage to ensure that you not only have a warm, relaxing experience but also benefit from deep remedial relief. 

Benefits of the Wavestone

  • The heat from the stone stimulates the circulatory system.
  • The depth of massage provided by the stone softens and relaxes your muscles.
  • By applying heat to your muscles, this encourages the break down and release  of toxins from them.
  • White Jade is incredibly smooth and provides a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable experience.