"Keep You and Yours In Fine Fettle"


The Band Treatment

The BT uses articulation under traction to realign vertebrae.

This treatment can remove spinal pain (eg. Lower back pain), and nerve pain (eg. Sciatica) gently and without trauma to surrounding tissues. This means that recovery is quicker than conventional manipulation.

There are no cracks or sudden movements to realign the spine with this articulation, which makes the Band Treatment gentler and safer, with longer lasting results than strong manipulative techniques.

The Band Technique was developed by Bruce Band who has been using this technique for the last 38 years.


Bruce has been treating patients from his home in Perth Scotland and runs regular clinics in Aberdeen (for the oil industry) and Peterhead (for the fishing industry).

Bruce is also in demand in The USA, treating sportsmen and women, and clients in the entertainment industries.

Bruce has trained Andrew Budden MBAcC and Caspar Budden Dip.SBM in this wonderful technique.

There are now 3 people in the world who practise his technique!


What to expect at your Band Treatment

  1. Spinal and muscular assessment
  2. Discussion on findings and treatment
  3. Muscular balancing treatment
  4. The Band Technique
  5. Kinisio taping
  6. Advise on post treatment exercises and/cryotherapy